Hurricane Relief Work

Hurricane relief Services I hope this wasn't your boat :0)

Hurricane Relief Work

Hurricane Relief Work- We have put over 100 people to work already on island with hurricane relief work. Yay and thank you!!

We have been busy surveying yachts, and working closely with the insurance companies. I, Chad Blake am an accredited surveyor with a Certificate in Naval Architecture which comes in handy after a category 5 hurricane in the sailing capital of the world.

We have had several hundred people sign up with their job skills looking for work on island.

We have requests coming in daily for workers, accommodations, and logistics from businesses.

We are working on automating the system to sign up for work or to sign up for repair work on our website as opposed to it being totally manual 🙂

Let us know what skills you have on our sign up page

General Labor- Hurricane relief work

General Labor- Hurricane relief work

We have access to boats and villas for accommodation teams for the hurricane relief and recovery work.

We have grocery stores open in the Virgin Islands, streets are getting cleared, debris being dealt with, and everyone will be working their behinds off to get ready for the winter season here in the Virgin Islands.

We have a tentative date of November 1st for cruise ships to be coming back, and the airport will be open for limited commercial flights shortly in the Virgin Islands.

Native Son is doing a daily trip now between the British and US Virgin Islands!!

The Beach

The Beach

Please share our webpage on Hurricane relief  Services, or our facebook post. Every person who signs up for work we will be sharing their information to help them find employment post Irma and Maria.

Please make a donation to our work fund

Please don’t forget us in the Virgin Islands

Check out the BVI Beacon article on the restaurants in the British Virgin Islands that are already up and running here!

Thank you everyone. We are here for the long haul.