Hurricane Relief Services

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Hurricane Relief Services

Hurricane Relief Services…Needed?

We can help you with local workers in the Virgin Islands, we have hundreds signed up looking for work waiting to be matched up.

Hurricane relief Services I hope this wasn't your boat :0)

Hurricane relief Services. I hope this wasn’t your boat :0)

  1. Do you need staff or workers?
  2. Do you need your generators or water pumps serviced?
  3. Do you have a vessel that needs surveying, salvaging, delivered or repaired?
  4. Do you need assistance with admin stuff like how to claim insurance?
  5. Do you KNOW what to do next or need HELP to start rebuilding?
  6. Do you need logistical and local knowledge? How about accommodations for workers?
  7. Do you have water or flood damage and need cleaning and restoration?
  8. Do you need Debris removal?
  9. Do you need Fiberglass repair (only about every boat in the area!)
  10. Do you need tree removal or landscaping clean up?
  11. Do you need delivery of Supplies, Water and People?
  12. Do you need generator and engine repair or electrical or plumbing services?
  13. Do you HAVE a yacht that you would like to put into either relief service or into charter?
  14. Do you need child care to allow you to concentrate on your own business clean up?
  15. Do you need SCUBA divers or underwater workers?
  16. Do you need Nautical Trips and Consulting?

If you answered yes to any of the above then you need Nautical Consulting to help you navigate hurricane relief services in the Virgin Islands!

Fill out our form to get started and we will be back to you right away!

Nautical Consulting is working on getting people back to work in the Virgin Islands after hurricane Irma and Maria.

Taking reporters from CNN to Sandy Spit to cover the story

Taking reporters from CNN to Sandy Spit to cover the story

We spent the last few days off island gathering up supplies and more equipment to bring back with us tomorrow to the Virgin Islands, Jana will be remaining on the mainland for a couple weeks in order for us to have good communications and internet and be able to reply to people and businesses ASAP.