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Annual USVI Holiday Flotilla

Saturday, December 14th, 2019.

This year will be BYOB, Bring Your Own Boat. Last year after the storms, the event was put together last minute as a social gathering to continue the tradition but unfortunately was not a fundraiser. Somehow we had more boats and more people than almost any other year. Enough friends within the boating community volunteered their boats to take their friends out and filled the boats themselves. I am going to model this year after last and leave the work to the private individuals and/or charter companies. Instead this year we are going to have a $500 boat entry fee for the event, with all proceeds going to the Humane Society of St. Thomas. The private boat or charter company can then charge their attendees accordingly, adding at least fuel and captains fee. A normal charter company charges around $500 for a day trip (plus $150 captains fee, plus gas, plus customs), but hopefully enough charter companies have been involved and have heard about the event that they may be willing to waive their boat fee as a donation to the event of an additional $500 for the day for groups that would like to join the event. In summary: organize your friends, find a private boat or charter boat, negotiate a price with them and then pay your $500 boat entry fee, then split the costs among your friends on the boat.

“Boatacon is a fundraiser for the Humane Society of St Thomas that’s now in it’s the 7th year. The event is a fun day of boating, booze, and Holiday spirit while simultaneously raising money for a great cause!”






Boatacon 6.0!

The itinerary with times at each spot :

   Dec 14 2019 @ 10am meet at Xmas Cove

  12:00p leave for Water Island

  2:30 leave for St John

  Number of boats available 50

“Kick off the festive season with a great cause and an amazing day on the water. All proceeds go to the humane society to help animals in need.

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