Crewed Catamaran Salty Girl Offering 3/4 Night Charters!

Catamaran Salty Girl at the St Thomas yacht show

Crewed Catamaran Salty Girl

Crewed Catamaran SALTY GIRL is offering charters for guests looking for more than a day sail but less than a full week charter!

‘Salty Girl’ was at the 2017 St Thomas Yacht Show and we had the pleasure of meeting Philip and Tresa!

This yacht is geared towards family charter adventures, you’re going to feel like you’re at home aboard this yacht!

Salty Girl Crew. Crewed catamaran

Philip and Tresa of Yacht Salty Girl

While most charter yachts won’t accept less than 4 or 5 nights, Tresa and Philip are more than happy to offer these charters, specifically designed to tempt villa and resort guests into giving yacht chartering a try.
​Rates are all-inclusive…​

2 night, 3 days USVI only adventure 2@$2,850 3@$2,950 4@$3,100 5@$3,200 6@$3,325

2 night, 3 days USVI & BVI adventure 2@$3,000 3@$3,150 4@$3,300 5@$3,475 6@$3,650

3 night, 4 days USVI only adventure 2@$4,345 3@$4,525 4@$4,700 5@$4,885 6@$5,062

3 night, 4 day USVI & BVI adventure 2@$4,550 3@$4,800 4@$5,050 5@$5,300 6@$5,500

OFFER EXPIRES: Aug 31, 2018

Salty Girl at the 2017 St Thomas yacht show

Salty Girl at the 2017 St Thomas yacht show

Cockpit on Yacht Salty Girl