Hurricane Relief Work

Hurricane relief Services I hope this wasn't your boat :0)

Hurricane Relief Work

Hurricane Relief Work- We have put over 100 people to work already on island with hurricane relief work. Yay and thank you!!

We have been busy surveying yachts, and working closely with the insurance companies. I, Chad Blake am an accredited surveyor with a Certificate in Naval Architecture which comes in handy after a category 5 hurricane in the sailing capital of the world.

We have had several hundred people sign up with their job skills looking for work on island.

We have requests coming in daily for workers, accommodations, and logistics from businesses.

We are working on automating the system to sign up for work or to sign up for repair work on our website as opposed to it being totally manual 🙂

Let us know what skills you have on our sign up page

General Labor- Hurricane relief work

General Labor- Hurricane relief work

We have access to boats and villas for accommodation teams for the hurricane relief and recovery work.

We have grocery stores open in the Virgin Islands, streets are getting cleared, debris being dealt with, and everyone will be working their behinds off to get ready for the winter season here in the Virgin Islands.

We have a tentative date of November 1st for cruise ships to be coming back, and the airport will be open for limited commercial flights shortly in the Virgin Islands.

Native Son is doing a daily trip now between the British and US Virgin Islands!!

The Beach

The Beach

Please share our webpage on Hurricane relief  Services, or our facebook post. Every person who signs up for work we will be sharing their information to help them find employment post Irma and Maria.

Please make a donation to our work fund

Please don’t forget us in the Virgin Islands

Check out the BVI Beacon article on the restaurants in the British Virgin Islands that are already up and running here!

Thank you everyone. We are here for the long haul.

Hurricane Work Virgin Islands

Hurricane Work Virgin Islands

Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour Boats

Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour Boats

Hurricane Work Virgin Islands- First of all, thank you to everyone who has donated!

We made a run to Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke before we had to stop to get ready for Maria.

I had a news team as well from CNN who are putting together a longer media piece for their Youtube channel.

This news team say they have been covering the disasters for 15 years and they have never seen anything as devastating as what they have seen on some of these islands.

A few notes from our trip around in short form

West End/ Sopers Hole Tortola:

Badly damaged and customs building roof and ferry terminal caved in.

Voyage Yachts are in bad shape that are there. Voyage Office- we can’t seem to locate it!

Harbour Market Grocery Store damaged, SCUBA shop and all buildings with it was destroyed.  Pussers Badly damaged.

Apple Bay: Bomba shack does not exist nor anything to show it was there, including a road. It is just sand now.

Marina Cay: Fuel Dock gone, Restaurant gone, Pusser’s store gone, hotel almost gone, just cement buildings and rubble.

Scrub Island is in bad shape but can be brought back.

Airport looked ok, hangars damaged.

Last Resort on Bellamy Cay is ruined and all the yachts that were in Trellis Bay are on the beach now.

Virgin Gorda Spanishtown. The Ferry terminal is accepting donations and supplies. The have a command center there.

Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour: Most marina slips full of sunken boats. Roofs gone from most of the Marina buildings. The office is still there. NO response from the marina staff or office being around or doing anything. The boats are all twisted together in the boat yard and many (most) of the boats there have been looted.

B Line on Jost blown to pieces literally. Foxy’s Taboo was damaged. Sandy Spit is just sand now, nothing else on it but a hole where the bushes were in the middle. Big boats washed up on Jost Van Dyke. Little Harbour has a car barge in the road. Jost Ferry is flipped over onto Sidney’s Bar and demolished it. Sidney Junior and his brother there, they have requested a battery powered shaver and a couple tarps.

ferry on top of Sidney's Jost Van Dyke

ferry on top of Sidney’s Jost Van Dyke

Great Harbour Jost, everyone was in good spirits but tired. Need tools to start rebuilding. This weekend past they were sharing one hammer. Foxy’s is providing two meals per day in a damaged building.

Saba Rock lost their roof, Bitter End lost the north side villas, Esmerlada YCCS docks gone and broken. Leverick Bay has a lot of damage.

We evacuated from St Thomas to Miami this week for Maria and now are busy getting as many supplies as we can, setting up the dogs at a temporary spot and then we will be returning to the island.

Hurricane Work Virgin Islands

Hurricane Work Virgin Islands

News from Jana Blake ” I’m trying to put together a supply drive to send much needed supplies to St. Thomas and the surrounding islands affected by Hurricane Irma and Maria. I will need people willing to donate much needed supplies, a drop off point, exposure on news/radio and possible coordination with getting supplies to Miami for shipment to St. Thomas. We have a large SUV that we will fill; however, depending on response may need more coordination with shipping. Anyone that you know that would have contacts vital to making this a success, please let me know.
For those unable to assist with the above we are taking donations for supplies at the following link. 100% of the proceeds go directly to relief efforts! Thanks to everyone for your support during this difficult time.
TIA #VIStrong

We have uploaded many pictures and videos into a facebook folder which you can see here!

Hurricane Work Virgin Islands

We are starting to get some good leads coming in from People who want to work, which was the subject of our last blog post here  

We will have an update and more information on this with our next blog post shortly. Please keep donating, please keep supporting us. We are all stressed, tired, cut, bruised but working our tails off!  We love you.

Soon Come

Soon Come

Hurricane Work Needed for the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico

Hurricane Work Virgin Islands/ Puerto Rico

Hurricane Work Virgin Islands

Hurricane Work

Straight from the people ON THE GROUND as well as VITEMA –

Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Management Agency

The TOP ITEMS that need donating are:

Baby Formula
Women’s Hygiene Products
Antibiotics, medical supplies
Items to do the work, shovels, and tools.
We also have NEED OF A CAR BARGE. I know this is not something that most people have access too but someone has one somewhere close we can use 🙂
Hurricane Work Virgin Islands, CAR BARGE NEEDED

Hurricane Work Virgin Islands, CAR BARGE NEEDED

We need FUEL and we also need a way to get that fuel into the boats that are doing the supply runs without using a jerry can all the time at some point.
We have been all over the island, helping people, giving interviews to CNN as well as helping them with supplies they need to get the news items uplinked to the satellite.

We need to stop donating supplies that aren’t needed and maybe look at donations to pay people who have nothing and no money who have skills and ARE on island to continue labor and clean up work. Then we will need to bring people with very specialized skills from off island. Many will volunteer but we still need to house, food and supply them.
We have a supply depot in St Croix that items can be shipped too. We already have a lot of supplies there. We are making trips back and forth with dozens of boat trips taking supplies into St Thomas, St John and the British Virgin Islands.
Most have been doing the boat runs for free or limited donations for fuel, but that is not a long term solution. No small business or person can afford this long term.
Think about all the boating people (I am saying boating because I KNOW the industry  so well) There are so many who were involved in day sails, power boat rentals, etc what are they going to do and how are they going to live until the cruise ship industry comes back?
What about all the people who clean the boats, do the laundry, provide the supplies?
The small businesses and people can’t afford to wait this out! The large corporations CAN.
 One small piece of the puzzle here is getting money into the hands of very small businesses, and people who have nothing and WANT to work, not just a handout.
I am here on the ground, I have been working and watching and going through the hurricane with everyone. I see the adrenalin stopping, the desperation setting in, the depression, the “oh my god how are we going to live” the hollow eyes from lack of sleep and worry. The cuts and infections that so many people are trying to cope with. I have talked to many people who are going “now what” ? What do I do? Where do I go? How do I live?
Hurricane Irma- St Thomas

Hurricane Irma- St Thomas

We want to connect people on island currently who have skills, or two healthy hands and who want to work with money to keep going and survive themselves.
If you have a boat that can make the trip from St Croix to the USVI or the BVI with supplies, LET US KNOW!  We can pay you for this. Everyone cannot keep doing it for free. It can be a term charter boat, a private boat, a power boat. One 50’ Catamaran can put a lot of supplies on board.
We at Nautical Trips have a donation page on our website here. This is going to pay to put people to work now.

Hurricane Work Virgin Islands

If you have a boat please email us here for doing runs from St Croix around the Virgin Islands (PAID, if you want to cover it yourself that is fine for those who can/want to afford it)
If you have skills or just plain old two healthy hands and you want to do any type of work sign up here for PAID work. This is for people ON ISLAND or who have evacuated just close by who want to come home. This is ONLY for local people.
If you are someone who needs help to get themselves, their house, or their small business back up and running please sign up HERE.  Our aim is to match workers with what needs doing and have sponsors we have already obtained pay them, not for YOU to pay them. The more details you can provide the better for our organizing.
IF you are off island and have specialized skills that we will need on island in the short to medium term please send us an email of what they are and what you are willing to donate, time frame.
You can also comment on this post, or send us a private message on Facebook!
I have been seeing everyone pulling together, helping each other out, I am sensing a shift, we need to evolve what we are offering and decided that Hurricane Work Virgin Islands is one way of doing it after talking and working with everyone on the island.
We as well, have had moments where we thought we would just leave the islands but we are needed and we are putting people to work where we can in our small way helping to fix our paradise.
Thank you to all who have donated so far, it is greatly appreciated even though we are too busy currently to reach out to everyone personally.
Anyone who has ever spent or dreamt about spending time in the islands we humbly ask you to help our people work in the short term.
Nautical Trips- Hurricane Irma

Nautical Trips- Hurricane Irma & Maria

I know this is a long post, thank you for everyone who has read this far. Please share.